Staying true to our core principles, we understand it is also our duty to give back to the communities we serve and actively take action in a socially responsible custom. In fact, we wouldn’t have any other way. We have been following this practice for over 10 years with an approach that goes beyond monetary donations, contributing to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged populations.

Through Red Solidaria L’EUDINE, the company has supplied orthopedic devices, back-to-school kits, and the joy of Christmas carols and toys among the less fortunate. Furthermore, it has given support to the people in zones affected by inclement weather, donating bed mattresses, diapers, food, and other provisions.

More recently, in 2011 the company created Fundación Euda Elena, a nonprofit organization based in Venezuela. The foundation provides basic living essentials, nutritional and medical assistance -among other services- to disabled, abandoned, and needy children, adults, and seniors from underprivileged communities in the city of Maracaibo.

Alcora is currently extending its humanitarian reach with a series of philanthropic efforts destined to aid disadvantaged groups in the U.S. as well. In November 2014 our MONAT family partnered with the Susan G. Komen® Breast Cancer Foundation and The Salvation Army of Miami-Dade.