At Alcora Corporation we believe in evolution. We set our quality standards very high. We practice strong ethical principles that include honesty, solidarity, and true vocation to serve. We know beauty and happiness come from being well and healthy. And we treasure family values.

Alcora Corp. is not just a professional entity; it is a family business and a hub for the creation and development of products specifically aimed at making lives better for people everywhere, from our employees, to our independent distributors, to our consumers. To achieve this, we stay open to change and see awesome opportunities in every challenge we encounter. This brings us back to our first affirmation—and forward towards the future: we believe in evolution.



L’EUDINE Global, was originally established in 2001 as a direct sales company specializing in beauty and wellness with offices in Maracaibo, Venezuela and Miami, Florida.  In 2008 we embarked on to another level of fruition in the United States, expanding into a broader conglomerate of brands and transitioning with a new corporate name, Alcora Corporation. The name L’EUDINE now refers exclusively to the renowned brand of trusted beauty and wellness products, while a new direct sales division specializing on modern, natural formulas for the hair -MONAT- emerged in 2014. In 2016, Project Beauty was born to bring healthy, result- oriented beauty products to the US retail market.

L’EUDINE Global, MONATand Project Beauty are the brainchildren of Alcora and the result of years of industry knowledge and high-end technology innovations. All three brands were developed in B&R Products Inc., our FDA-registered, 210,000 square foot climate controlled manufacturing plant and warehouse space located in Miami, Florida. Initially founded in 1977, B&R holds over 35 years of sharp understanding in progressive technology, high production capabilities, and a broad library of formulations. As a full service and supply chain management entity, the plant provides an effective combination of trend analysis, quality assurance results, state of the art laboratories, R&D, and manufacturing.

With the acquisition of B&R in 2013, Alcora is an umbrella for infinite possibilities that will continue advancing in the bast beauty and wellness industries, both in Latin America and North America and beyond.












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